Resident Wellness Committee (RWC)

BWH Radiology takes resident wellness seriously. We have several resident representatives that serve on a Resident Wellness Committee, with Jennifer Uyeda, MD serving as the committee advisor. The committee oversees and organizes various wellness events.

Ongoing and past wellness activities include:

  • Annual Resident Retreat
  • Monthly resident social events (bike rides, ugly sweater party, pumpkin carving, etc.)
  • Annual Winter Doldrums/Wellness Week
  • Wellness Grand Rounds (Mental health speakers, Guided meditation, Guided reflections)

Current Members

  • Chair: Olumide Olulade (R3)
  • R5s: Colette Glaser
  • R4s: Maggie Pan
  • R3s: Sana Majid
  • R2s: Keith Spinali
  • R1s: Meghan Jairam, Minh Nguyen, Stephanie Walker

Wellness Related Publications and Presentations

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Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee (DIEC)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Brigham Radiology Trainee Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee (RTDIEC) is to recruit and retain members from diverse backgrounds and to create an environment in which each person is respected and nurtured so that all may thrive and work toward the common goal of advancing diversity and inclusion in radiology critical for equitable human health and optimal healthcare outcomes.

Ongoing and past wellness activities include:

  • Harvard Medical School Showcase for students Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM)
  • Trainee open house + virtual art session with the Harvard Art Museums
  • Journal clubs
  • MGH/BWH Radiology Diversity & Inclusion week

Women in Radiology (WIR) Committee

The Women in Radiology group was founded in 2015 by several residents and faculty members. This organization is dedicated to networking, mentorship, skills development, community building, recruitment and promoting the success and ambition of female faculty, fellows and residents. We have annual funding from the department to host various events throughout the years. Annual functions include a Welcome event, End-of-Year celebration, “State of the Department Address” and Annual Keynote speakers. Past events include roundtable discussions and skill-based workshops on negotiation, creating a CV, work/life balance, coming back to work after maternity leave, family planning and more.

2021-2022 Executive Committee

  • Madhvi Deol, MD – President
  • Jeanne M. Kochkodan, MD – Vice President
  • Mary Louise Gargan, M.B., B.CH. – Secretary
  • Anne-Sophie Loonis, MD – Treasurer
  • Alyssa Simeone, MD – Fellowship Liaison
  • Stacy E. Smith, MD– Founder and Faculty Director/Advisor
  • Cory Robinson, MD – Faculty Director/Advisor

Steering Committee

  • Raquel Alencar, MD, PhD
  • Francine Jacobson, MD
  • Sara Bahouth, MD
  • Krista Suarez-Weiss, MD
  • Julia Mario, MD
  • Past President: Ariadne DeSimone, MD
  • Past Steering Committee Lead: Colette Glaser, MD
  • Past Treasurer: Fiona Malone, MD
Women in Radiology (WIR) Committee

Resident Education Committee (REC)

The goal of the Resident Education Committee is to provide resident support and input into both radiology graduate medical education (GME) and undergraduate medical educations (UME). The REC works with the residency leadership to improve AM conference, enhance resident learning when on service, and improve our on-line learning platforms. The REC works with HMS radiology leadership to provide medical student mentoring, maintain/update medical student teaching content, and identify residents interested in teaching medical students. Additionally, the REC works to trial new educational initiatives and tools to support education within the department.

Current Members

  • Chair: Andrew Schneider (R3)
  • R5s: Colette Glaser
  • R4s: Michael Buckner, Maggie Pan,
  • R3s: Gerald Hefferman, Jeanne Kochkodan-Self, Sana Majid, David Osayande
  • R2s: Rakesh Goli
  • R1s: John Miller, Minh-Thuy Nguyen