Research opportunities are plentiful, and many of our residents participate in multiple research projects during their residency. Residents are introduced to ongoing projects through a yearly research fair during which clinical divisions and research groups describe their projects and residents sign up to learn more about those that interest them. Residents who are first author on accepted abstracts have the opportunity to present their work at national conferences. Graduating residents will also present their research at our annual departmental senior research presentations. 

Per ACGME guidelines, all residents are required to participate in at least one research project that culminates in publication or presentation at a national meeting.

Most research is performed outside of normal clinical hours, but dedicated research time is possible during the R4 year for all residents and, if desired, can be combined with one of the extraclinical tracks, such as Clinician-Educator, Global Health, or Business and Management.

Additionally, we have a Resident Research Committee, established by residents, for residents interested in any type of radiology research. Learn more about it under Resident Life > Committees.